Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bobby Brown Performs in Libertyville, IL

One of my favorite artists of all-time, Bobby Brown, performed in Libertyville this past weekend. I think most people there wanted to see if Bobby still had it. He came out and did 5 songs to an enthusiastic crowd and sounded really good. Only thing missing was the dancers. Shoutout to Tastemakers Television and Clubbin TV for another dope event. Nice to get artists this good so close to the crib. Tony Toni Tone in April.


Monday, March 1, 2010

Jon B. and DJ Quik Perform Close to Home...

Jon B. and DJ Quik performed in Libertyville, IL. thanks to Tastemaker Television. Being so close to the crib, it was an event I couldn't miss. They both put on dope shows. Jon B. performed first and sang Don't Talk, They Don't Know and Someone To Love. DJ Quik even came up onstage to help sing backgrounds on Don't Talk. BUT...the real treat was when Jon B. did a cover of Michael Jackson's Rock With You and a melody of 90's r&b songs.

Quik came on aftwards and had everybody rockin' as soon as he hit the stage. Dude is a real talented kat when is comes to music and is one of hip-hops most underrated producers. He ended his performance with Tonite and Born and Raised in Compton.

Can't wait until next month's event. Shoutout to Tastemaker Television Network for bringing real music and live performances to Lake County. These videos are from my phone so the sound ain't the best. Check it out anyways...


Monday, February 22, 2010

Zeyl10 remix - Eric Roberson "A Tale of Two People"

This is my remix entry for Eric Roberson's Grammy-nominated song, "A Tale of Two People", produced by Brett Baker featuring Ben O'Neill and Michelle Thompson. My remix made the finals, so I decided to upload it to let people check it out. The song is on Erro's latest album, Music Fan First. The whole track was done in with Logic 9. Tried to keep the hip-hop feel of the track as much as possible....

Eric Roberson - "A Tale of Two People (Zeyl10 remix) from Zeyl10 on Vimeo.


NEW! Erykah Badu - Window Seat

She's back with the dopeness.... From the new album New Amerykah Part 2 : Return of the Ankh...coming soon


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jimmie Reign: Pretty Girl; Ugly Truth Commercial...Theme Song by Zeyl10 and TeLuv

Check out the new commercial for Jimmie Reign's new reality show. Pretty Girl: The Ugly Truth airs exclusively on February 16, 2010. Follow Jimmie Reign as she chases her dream to make it big and battles each obstacle that comes her way.
The theme song was produced by me and written by TeLuv. TeLuv on vocals also. Thanks, Jimmie for the opportunity. I'll be posting a full version of the song soon. Be sure to check out the show on

Jimmie Reign: Pretty Girl; Ugly Truth (Theme Song) by Zeyl10

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Next Great Songwriting Team: TeLuv

Simply put, TeLuv (pronounced "to love") is a female songwriting and music producing duo. Since way back when, they've been singing, making, and living in music.

By chance, i've had the opportunity to work with this next great songwriting team. Working via internet, we've managed to turn out some great songs. They've seemlessly taken my tracks to the next level, which is what all producers look for in songwriters. Now the work is online for all the world to hear via their new website

U can hear our collaborations (Spotlight and Give It To You) by clicking on the Collab tab after entering the website (my picture is the beat machine). Give It To You is also being played in the background of the main page under the Begin tab.
You'll be hearing more great music from us. This is just the beginning....


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jay-Z - "Death of Autotune" live at Summer Jam

Jay-Z comes on stage with Jeezy and performs his new joint "Death of Autotune" (DOA). What will the singers and rappers do now? What will the radio do? Will they continue to play songs using autotune or did Jay-Z shut it down?


Thursday, May 21, 2009

P. Coakley - Exclusive New Single.."Boy Shorts"

U hear him every night on 107.5 WGCI's Whisper's In The Dark intro (Chicago radio). One of the dopest artist I know in Chicago, is back with his official first single "Boy Shorts". "Boy Shorts" is a summer banger for the ladies produced and written by P. Coakley. Hear it here first before it hits the radio big time...P. Coakley performed at 2 of our events here in Waukegan and killed it both times.

Hit me up, u may be able to get the single before it comes out. Check it out below...

P. Coakley - Boy Shorts (written and produced by P. Coakley)


Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Al B. Sure! "Honey I'm Home" coming soon! Preview new tracks...

Check out a preview of some tracks from Al B. Sure's new cd, "Honey I'm Home" here. U can also pre-order the cd, which drops on 6/23/09 on Hidden Beach Recordings. Sounds pretty dope to me.

Shout out to Kyle West...I can hear some of Kyle West's production on a few of the joints and I believe he did 6 cuts on the record. Glad to hear Al B. and Kyle "break it down" West back together...

Single - I Love It (Papi Aye Aye Aye)

PREVIEW Album...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jesse Boykins III - One of my favorite artists right now

One of the best cds to come out the last few months is from Jesse Boykins III "The Beauty Created". If u like music from Dwele or Eric Roberson, u will definitely feel Jesse's cd. Check him out singing "Amourous" live...


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

D-Train - AutoTune (Can u hear me?) Video


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Drake ...My Favorite Rapper Right now

If u don't know Drake, u need to check him out. When he raps, he sounds like a cross between Lil' Wayne and Kanye. His lyrics are simple yet thoughtful and he has swag (hate that word). Matter of fact, there's a rumor that he ghostwrites for Weezy. Drake is part of Wayne's Young Money crew and can be heard on the second verse of the new single "Every Girl" . The thing that's dope about Drake is you can't put him in a box and dude can sing. I mean sing for real like an r&b artist. Just check out the mixtape "So Far Gone". All his skills are on display here. He has a beat by Kanye, Say What's Real, which he smashes and appearances by Lil' Wayne, Trey Songz, Lloyd and Omarion. I think by the end of the year Drake will blow....huge!

Check out the mixtape here.


Is Asher Roth The New Eminem?

Is Asher Roth the new Eminem? I don't think so, but he does sound like him. His new cd, Asleep in the Bread Aisle, is in stores today and it's pretty straight. I listened to it with an open mind and still came away saying he still sounds like Eminem. Not sure if he'll ever get away from that. I wanted to hear what all the hype was tho. The beats are straight too. It's a good change of pace from today's average rap cd. In this video, he talks about the Eminem comparisons.


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Electrik Red - So Good

Dope song by new Def Jam female group, Electrik Red. Written and produced by Tricky and The-Dream, I like the Prince/Vanity 6 throwback sound. I wonder how the rest of the album will sound. They've had 3 videos already and the album is sposed to drop on May 26th.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Single by D-Train - Autotune (Can u hear me?) produced by Zeyl10

Check out the new single "Autotune (can u hear me?)" from new artist, D-Train produced by me.

For all those that don't know what autotune is, it's the effect that is used on T-Pain's voice. Many of today's new songs use it including those by Lil' Wayne, Kanye and many others.

This song is dedicated to the music industry and those programmed by commercial radio. The song is basically saying 'can u hear me now that i'm using this autotune effect since u don't listen to me any other time'. Hope u like it...Shout out to P. Coakley for the keys on the track

D-Train - Autotune (can u hear me?) produced by Zeyl10